ABQ London A Breaking Bad Themed Popup Cocktail Bar London by Locappy

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This immersive Breaking Bad themed Popup is brought to the streets of London by the founder of Locappy an app that helps users easily to get to know the neighbourhoods they hang out in.The app features live feeds of many London areas, populated by other locals that users of the app can follow and connect with.

This popup is not the first time The CEO of Locappy Seb Lyall (a trader turned entrepreneur), earlier this year his company ABQ London was behind the controversial Annie the Owl Bar, a popup where visitors could get up close to real life owls. Initially the bar planned to sell alcohol but soon switched to alcohol free smoothies in light of activists petitioning to close the bar due to concerns around serving guest alcohol and the safety of the owls in that environment.

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With the learnings from his previous events behind him Seb and his team are back with a new pop up – a Breaking Bad themes cocktail bar. The concept was born from the cult television Programme Breaking Bad a show about the story of Walter White, a struggling high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, which, together with his former student Jesse Pinkman, turns to a life of crime, producing and selling Meth (crystallized methamphetamine) to secure his family’s financial future before he dies. Even the brands name ABQ is an acronym of the cult TV show’s setting in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The unique, immersive and exceptionally popular popup (getting over 42,000 ticket applications) allows Breaking Bad fans to immerse themselves in what feels like a set of the show, hidden away in the backstreets of Hackney Wick in London in East London is a replica RV (recreational vehicle) similar to the one used in the show there the duo manufactured their famous blue meth. But instead of meth, guests can “cook” up their own cocktails in van decorated chemistry lab equipment.

Breaking bad replica RV

What drinks are on offer?

Cocktails and Drinks on offer designed in part by the Worship Street Whistling Shop ( a Victorian inspired cocktail bar), are served up in a beaker with a couple of lines of strawberry sherbet, and a petri dish that contains the cobalt blue sorbet covered in popping candy and a foam of lapsang tea.

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How much is it?

Tickets cost £30 each for a two hour session, limited to 20 people at a time and are on a first come first serve basis.

How long does it run for?

Ok so the team at Alcohol Emporium are pretty late to the party on this as the event launched July 24th this year, initially planned to run for 3 months the event was soon extended due to popular demand. It is now planned to run until 30th November 2015. The team then plan to take December off before as quoted by Seb the event would certainly be a permanent/longer term pop up in the new years “ . So watch this space.

Newsflash – ABQ has now relaunched check out our review (update 07-02-2016)

What’s next for Seb and the team?

In  an  attempt  to  further  understand  our  community and  come  up  with  better  and  bigger  concepts,  we  are  bringing  all  our  operations  under one  collective the team have announced the launch of Lollipop.

Keep up to date with the Collective on;

Twitter https://twitter.com/abqlondon



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