Interview with Jethro Holman UK’s Youngest Beer Sommelier at Meantime Brewery Greenwich

Jethro Holman UK Beer Sommelier

A few weeks ago the Alcohol Emporium team headed to the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich to do a tour of the brewery. However we also thought it would be a nice idea to interview one of the brewers at the same time, the angle we found for the interview was that they currently have the youngest Beer sommelier in the UK!


Who is Jethro Holman?

Jethro has been working as the General Manger of the Brewery Tours at Meantime Brewing for almost 3 years. Currently in his early 20’s he is the UK’s youngest beer sommelier, this is an accolade he feels will soon be taken from him as the younger generation begins taking an interest in the numerous courses on offer. For now with the average beer sommelier being in their 40’s, this title is no mean feat.

He is an Institute of Beer & Distilling (IBD) accredited Beer Sommelier and is a dynamic individual who gets involved in many aspects of brewing. These include brewery tours, various training sessions on beer and craft beer & giving lectures at museums and industry events.

We managed to find a quite spot in amongst the Brewery equipment for a quick interview.
Video Transcription

Hi I’m Jethro I’m a beer sommelier by presentation, I run the tours here and whatever the company needs talking wise so explaining, talking, marketing.

A brief history of Meantime Brewery

Ok, a brief history of Meantime Brewery, the site we are currently on we have been here since 2009. The company itself is older than that, it started in 1999 initially by a man called Alastair Hook, you see his name all over the bottles and it’s come on leaps and bounds since then. They used to be in an old brewery about a mile away, which was a lot more, not dishevelled, but not quite the setup we have here now. We moved here in 2009 and it’s absolutely rocketed up.

What makes Meantime unique compared to other breweries?

It’s somewhere in the middle, for me it’s really good beer that is sensible as well. You can drink it, bring on-board the lager drinker to come and try the pale ale and get involved and try something a bit different. You can also kinda keep the craft beer fan happy, because it beautiful beer, it ingredients in it, grains hops from all round the world. I think it’s just that, its good drinkable beer, which we all want.

How many Beers & Lagers are produced at Meantime?

So there’s just over 10 in the core range and that will be the ones you see the most, the London Lager, pale ale, Yakima Red and the stout, those ones. We make them all the time; in addition to that we have seasonals that are every couple of months. They will be things like Austrian style lager, one at the moment is Winter Sun a Danish for Christmas and winter, and we do Octoberfest. These come around all year and what’s really good for us is this year we are going to make a lot more beers than we ever did. We have just put in a little microbrewery, this kind of stuff churns away all day and makes the cores. The little microbrewery will be about mixing it up and trying whatever we can. The one we have just done in the microbrewery is a cloudy grapefruit IPA that’s absolutely delicious. We are not even sure what the next one is going to be a black lager maybe of some sort, but we will get it when we get it and see what happens. It’s just getting bigger and bigger!

New Meantime launches and predictions for 2016

Beer in general, what I would like to see and what I think might happen, there’s so Much of this big IPA thing, which I love! It’s so nice to get punched in the face with grapefruit when you have a pint! But I think people also want to get the punch of the grapefruit but perhaps a little bit less alcohol. I think people will enjoy drinking a proper pint which is nice. I would like to see the return of the British beer, a nice mild or something. I think the brewery we are going to try and do a little bit of everything and cover all the bases, big IPA’s, black lagers, some nice Californian pale ale, across the board to cater for everybody.

Try Meantime Lager and Beer for yourself.



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