Accolade Wines launch some fruity new numbers in their Echo Falls Fruit Fusion wine range

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Who are Accolade wines?

Founded by Thomas Hardy, 1853, in Adelaide Australia, Accolade Wines has evolved into a global wine company.  They sell some of the world’s best-known brands in over 80 countries, including Australia, UK, mainland Europe, the US, Canada, Japan and China. Brands under the umbrella include not only Echo Falls, but Kumala, Hardy’s, Stowells and wine fusion brands include Wine Fusion portfolio including Stone’s Ginger Wine, Stone’s ‘Ginger Joe’ alcoholic ginger beer and Babycham perry.

Echo Falls Wine History

Echo Fall is the 3rd largest wine brand in the UK. The Echo Falls originates from sunny California and after many years of producing top quality wines. The range includes rich reds, crisp whites, ravishing rosé and now the new Fruit Fusion range!

The launch at Piste Bar London

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Accolade Wines held the launch of the new Echo Falls Fruit Fusion range at Piste Bar in London on the evening of 25th November 2015. Piste bar is an alpine retreat themed basement club in Soho, it is in the same building as Archer Street bar (I say this as it took me a while to find it as it’s not obvious). The bar was the perfect setting to experience the festive, Christmas themed cocktails made using the new Fruit Fusion range.

About the New Fruit Fusion range

The new range can be enjoyed chilled or over ice, but the Winter Spice can also be enjoyed heated as a mulled wine drink. All of the wines contain natural flavours with fruit extract.

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Passion Fruit & Peach White Wine

This refreshing white fruit fusion has been expertly blended with natural flavours of Passion Fruit and Peach, to give the perfect taste combination. The alcohol content is 9% Vol

Partridge in A Passion Fruit Tree Cocktail Recipe

Pour 50ml Passion Fruit and Peach Echo Falls Fruit Fusion into a shaker, shake with 15ml pineapple juice, 13ml lemon juice,  15ml vanilla syrup, shake well, strain and serve in a martini glass topped with a fresh passion fruit half.

Alcohol Emporium Review: This cocktail is a deliciously smooth drink which combines the ingredients perfectly, it is hard to just have one!

Partridge in a passion fruit tree Cocktail

Winter Spice Red Wine

This spiced red fruit fusion has been blended with a carefully crafted mix of Orange, Lemon and Cinnamon flavours to create a deliciously festive treat. The alcohol content is 10.5% Vol

Winter Warmer Cocktail Recipe

Pour 70ml Winter Spice Echo Falls Fruit Fusion, add 70ml apple juice heat in a saucepan over a low to medium heat and add 5ml agarve syrup. Serve warm in a mug serve with orange infused with star anise or lemon and cloves.

Alcohol Emporium Review: This was one of my favourite cocktails I sampled, the warmth was perfect for the winters evening and the taste was sweet yet flavoursome, the added fruit fusion wine gave it a taste somewhere between mulled wine and mulled cider in taste.

selection of cocktails

Strawberry & Lime

This luscious rose fruit fusion has been carefully crafted with natural flavours of Strawberry and Lime. It has the scintillating taste of sweet red fruit with a citrus kick. The alcohol content is 9% Vol.

Mistletoe Mojito Cocktail Recipe

Pour 70ml Strawberry & Lime Echo Falls Fruit Fusion, 5 ml lime juice, 5 mint leaves & 5ml sugar syrup topped with a sprinkling of black pepper. Serve in a Collins glass over ice and as sprig of mint to decorate.

Cocoa & Orange

This delicious fusion has been carefully created using natural Cocoa and Orange flavours to result in a silky chocolatey flavour treat with a twist. The alcohol content is 10.5% Vol.

Chocolate Orange Snowflake Cocktail Recipe

Pour 70ml Cocoa & Orange Echo Falls Fruit Fusion, blended with ¼ of a bananas, 5ml of brewed coffee, 10ml sugar syrup & 10ml orange juice. Blend it all together for 20 second until smooth and serve in a wine glass topped off with a slice of orange and grated chocolate.

Alcohol Emporium review: Although a winter drink, this would be best placed as a summer drink, similar to a banana milkshake in taste and consistency. The ice would make it a really refreshing summer cocktail.

frozen winter cocktail snowball

Orange & Cranberry

This smooth fruit fusion has been expertly blended with natural flavours of Orange and Cranberry to result in a delightful union of citrus and red fruit characters. The alcohol content is 9% Vol.

Cranberry Par-Tea Cocktail Recipe

Pour 70ml Orange & Cranberry Echo Falls Fruit Fusion, serve with 25ml lemon juice, 15ml sugar syrup. Serve in a highball glass topped with Earl Grey Tea and 3 cranberries on a cocktail stick to decorate.

The range is now available in Tesco superstore for £5.99 RRP.

Browse our huge selection of world wines including other wines from the superb Echo Falls selection.

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