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When the Alcohol Emporium team heard about the relaunch of The Eagle in Ladbroke Grove, Notting Hill in West London, we knew we had to head down to check it out.

The newly refurbished pub will serve beer straight from the tank (we had to know more), as well as a host of delicious British and Bavarian-influenced dishes.

The pub has only been open trading for 2 weeks when we visited, so we signed ourselves up for one of their new regular food and beer tastings which run as part of the pub’s programme. The venue offers all-day dining serving up a mixture of British classics with a Bavarian twist in a cosy and stylish setting.

The mouth-watering menu created by Head Chef Stan Perry (ex Soho House) features dishes including venison carpaccio, crispy knuckle of pork with fried potato dumplings, smoked trout salad and chicken schnitzel with fried duck egg. All the plates have been created using flavours that compliment the beer, and the specials board has suggested beer pairings for each dish.

Food at The Eagle Notting Hill

Our review

As our regular readers will be aware we tend to focus more on the drinks rather than the food at Alcohol Emporium, however we felt the need to solute this innovative pairing idea. It’s common to have wine pairing events, but beer pairing is a newer concept. The dishes we were served on the night were way beyond any ‘gastropub’ offering. The food all looked and tasted great, the pork knuckle was quite a conversation piece (its huge).

 hippoinns-food-pork knuckle final

The beer being directly from the tank creating a taste so fresh it will feel like your drink has come straight from the brewery. Tank beer is unpasteurised, unfiltered and completely untouched by light, added gas or any other process allowing it to retain its flavour. The Eagle was historically a Truman’s pub, making this exceptional London brewer the natural choice not only for this Hippo Inns/Trumans  collaboration, but all other pubs within the group. The Eagle will offer the exclusively created, Truman’s Raw Tank beer – as nature intended, and will be giving regulars a chance to have their very own tankard glass kept on site to drink from on every visit. We were keen to try the Truman’s RAW Lager a crisp and smooth kolsch style lager. An unfiltered lager has a more full bodied, silky smooth mouthfeel from its perfect carbonation with delicate flavours and aromas of light honeysuckle and biscuit balanced with the bitterness from the traditional Czech Hallertau Mittlefruh hops. The ‘RAW’ condition of the lager ensures that no flavour or aroma has been stripped out by filters or external gases. After transportation to the pub from the Truman’s brewery the beer is still ‘alive’ and continues to mature and develop further flavour in the pub’s tanks.

The raw beer tanks in the eagle

Our review

On the night we visited there was a mix of beer enthusiasts and those there for the food part of the pairing. The overall opinion was that the lager was exceptionally good even for those that don’t tend to drink lager. The Raw lager is perfect temperature when it is poured into the glass, no fizz, exceptionally clean with a creamy taste on the palette. Having this lager centre stage in our opinion is a fantastic choice and doesn’t disappoint.

The landlord Duncan is also a very charismatic guy with a background in hospitality and running other pubs. He is extremely knowledgeable on both the beer and takes a great interest and pride in the food aspect of things too. He seems to really take the time to talk to customers and help them understand what the pub is about and will no doubt be able to recommend the perfect dish for your pint.

The light and spacious venue is owned by Hippo Inns and occupies two floors with the upstairs area housing a dedicated Truman’s bar. Combining both contemporary and classic interiors, the modern light fittings and artwork is juxtaposed with traditional British pub furnishings including an open fire, original building features and Truman’s tanks, which can be seen above the circular bar with blackboards featuring the dates of brewing. The bar provides a focal point where guests will be able to choose from many traditional and interesting craft beers, ciders, cocktails and wines.

The eagle interior decoration

Hippo clock from hippo inns

Hippo clock – apparently these are present at each Hippo Pub – Keep an eye out for it

How is Truman’s RAW Lager made:

RAW Lager process

Step 1: Malt Mill – The malted barley is crushed in the mill to break the husks.

Step 2: Mash Tun – The grist then travels to the mash tun, where they are steeped in hot water for one hour. This activates enzymes in the grains that release its sugars into the water. After an hour, the water is drained from the mash which is now full of sugars from the grains. This sticky, sweet liquid is called wort.

Step 3: Kettle – The wort is transferred to the kettle and boiled for an hour, with hops being added at different times – to give both bitterness and aroma – and also act as a natural preservative.

Step 4: Fermenters – Once the boil has finished, the liquid is cooled and transferred into a fermenting vessel where yeast is pitched. The fermentation takes around four days – during which time the yeast eats up all the sugar – leaving CO2 and alcohol.

Step 5: Conditioning Tanks – The lager is transferred to the conditioning tanks to allow the flavours to fully mature and for the beer to reach perfect carbonation.

Step 7: Bright Tank – Truman’s RAW is transferred to a custom made beer tanker truck and delivered directly into brewery tanks in the pub. It arrives fresh, chilled and in perfect ‘RAW’ condition  – exactly as nature intended.


The address and how to get to The Eagle Ladbroke grove

The Eagle

250 Ladbroke Grove,


W10 5LP

More information about The Eagle Ladbroke Grove

Web: http://www.theeagle.co.uk/

For more information visit www.trumansbeer.co.uk

 For more of our pub and bar reviews see here


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