A Selection of Alcohol Presents & Drinking Accessory Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentines day heart image

OK so it’s Valentine’s Day on February 14th and the Alcohol Emporium have scoured the internet for some cool alcohol related presents to give to your special someone.

Don’t leave it last minute this year, find a unique alcohol related gift that will make any valentines for those of legal drinking age of course!

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Interview with Jethro Holman UK’s Youngest Beer Sommelier at Meantime Brewery Greenwich

Jethro Holman UK Beer Sommelier

A few weeks ago the Alcohol Emporium team headed to the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich to do a tour of the brewery. However we also thought it would be a nice idea to interview one of the brewers at the same time, the angle we found for the interview was that they currently have the youngest Beer sommelier in the UK!


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Burger King Restaurant in the UK Offers Alcohol on the Menu

burger king cup with alcohol

It is not the first time this year a food chain not automatically associated with selling alcohol has announced plans to expand into the UK alcohol industry is reportedly worth £39 billion in sales a year. Starbucks became the first to open in February this year, when they opened “Starbucks evenings” was at Stanstead airport, with the evening menu and alcoholic beverages available from 4pm. The firm says it will then look at rolling out the programme to other stores.

In the last few days CPL Foods Limited the umbrella company who own Burger King, based in Ipswich, UK has announced that it plans to sell alcohol at its Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK restaurant.

plastic burger king cup with alcohol

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Accolade Wines launch some fruity new numbers in their Echo Falls Fruit Fusion wine range

cardboard snowflake

Who are Accolade wines?

Founded by Thomas Hardy, 1853, in Adelaide Australia, Accolade Wines has evolved into a global wine company.  They sell some of the world’s best-known brands in over 80 countries, including Australia, UK, mainland Europe, the US, Canada, Japan and China. Brands under the umbrella include not only Echo Falls, but Kumala, Hardy’s, Stowells and wine fusion brands include Wine Fusion portfolio including Stone’s Ginger Wine, Stone’s ‘Ginger Joe’ alcoholic ginger beer and Babycham perry.

Echo Falls Wine History

Echo Fall is the 3rd largest wine brand in the UK. The Echo Falls originates from sunny California and after many years of producing top quality wines. The range includes rich reds, crisp whites, ravishing rosé and now the new Fruit Fusion range!

The launch at Piste Bar London

piste bar soho logo

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